I felt like a family book today, I have been watching this book for awhile now, well really only a week, since it was just released on the 3rd, so today was the day. This story is about Zack, the father; Al the son and Mark the manny. Zack is actually Al’s Step Uncle, when Zack’s step sister Kelly was diagnosed with Leukemia and her life expectancy was short, she contacted Zack to adopt Al to keep him away from her biological family.
Mark was the Manny for one of Zack’s coworkers and was going to need new employment. The family he is living with is being transferred to Spain. Zack and Mark were introduced and from the first handshake they both could feel a spark from the other. Mark ends up taking the job as Al’s Manny.
The Author gives us a great Love Story, it is all about the dynamics of 2 men coming together as a family with a child. Zack is afraid that the 10 year age difference is too much, he is afraid Mark has not experienced enough in life to commit to a Life Relationship without getting bored and leaving him sometime in the future. Zack’s #1 priority is his son Al, he will not allow Al to get hurt emotionally if the relationship didn’t work out and they had to say their goodbyes to Mark. Mark makes a mental decision that he is going to push a relationship with Zack and seduces him during a vacation at the beach. The seduction works and the sex between the men is perfect, they fit. The author does a great job of building the climax. There are not any surprises in this book, no maniacal guy running down the street with a sword. It is a true Love Story and I enjoyed it very much.

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