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Complimentary Book Promotion

I have room for 5 Titles that appear on the Right Sidebar on all of the Pages within GGR-Review. The first 5 people that respond will have their books appear for 1 week beginning on Monday. I will change out the titles in most cases on Sundays, you are guaranteed a Monday through Friday spot.

This is Free of Charge and for full disclosure I will be using the Associate Link for GGR-Review. Just Remember it is First Come that gets the spots. If a week gets overbooked I will email and let you know if you would like to be assigned to a different week.

A couple of rules:

1: Titles must be GLBT categorized.
2: The same title cannot be submitted multiple times within a 30 day period.
3: The first 5 people to respond are assured a spot in the week they chose. If there are more than 5 requests the over run will be given the earliest date available.

Here is the Google Doc Sign Up Form