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ingelaIngela Bohm is a sucker for music and words, and whenever the two go together, she’s on board for the long haul. Every story she tries her hand at turns into a love story at some point, but that’s just her sentimental nature making itself known. She occasionally pretends to be a human being (as long as there are no dogs present), and she spends an obscene amount of time in front of really well-made TV series, trying to riddle out how the hell the bastards do it. Her current projects include part three of an ongoing book series about Shakespeare, a twisted, darker story about online courting gone haywire, and a tale of aliens and sonic miracles on a tiny Greek island.

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Website/Blog: Ingela Bohm
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Twitter:           @Ingela_M_Bohm
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All You Can Eat: A Tale Of Food And Prejudice

Last Communion

Pax Cymrica: The True History#4
Cutting Edge

Pax Cymrica: The True History #3

Pax Cymrica: The True History #2
The Road Taken

Pax Cymrica: The True History #1
Just Playing

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Seven Thousands Minutes

Rival Poet

Strings Attached

The Subjective Mood


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