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Silvia Violet writes erotic romance in a variety of genres including sci fi, paranormal, alternate history, and historical.

She can often be found haunting coffee shops looking for the darkest, strongest cup of coffee she can find. Once equipped with the needed fuel, she can happily sit for hours pounding away at her laptop. Silvia typically leaves home disguised as a suburban stay-at-home-mom, and other coffee shop patrons tend to ask her hilarious questions like “Do you write children’s books?” She loves watching the looks on their faces when they learn what she’s actually up to. When not writing, Silvia enjoys baking sinful chocolate treats, exploring new styles of cooking, and reading children’s books to her wickedly smart offspring.

You can find Silvia Violet at:

Website/Blog: Silvia Violet – Surrender to Love
Facebook:       Silvia Violet
Twitter:            @Silvia_Violet

Google Plus:   Silvia Violet

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Astronomers #2
Meteor Strike

Astronomers #1

Law and Supernatural Order #3
Dinner at Foxy’s

Law and Supernatural Order #2
Paws on Me

Law and Supernatural Order #1
Sex on the Hoof
Go to SEX ON THE HOOF book promo page

Thorne and Dash #3
Perfect Alignment

Thorne and Dash #2
Personal Entanglement

Thorne and Dash #1
Professional Distance

Unexpected Engagement

Professor’s #4
The Professor’s Rent Boy

Professor’s #3
Professor for Two

Professor’s #2
Professor for Dessert

Professor’s #1
The Professor’s Desk

Shifter’s Station

Coming Clean
This book has not yet been reviewed

If Wishes Were Horses

Fitting In #4
Going Deep
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Fitting In #3
Burning Up
Go to BURNING UP review page

Fitting In #2
Sorting Out

Fitting In #1
Fitting In

Galactic Betrayal #2

Galactic Betrayal #1

Protect and Serve #4
Hoofin’ It to the Altar

Protect and Serve #3
Paws on Me

Protect and Serve #2
Sex on the Hoof

Protect and Serve #1
Savage Wolf

Wild R Farm
7 Book Series

Wild R Farm #7
Wild R Christmas

Wild R Farm #6
Shifting Hearts

Wild R Farm #5
Willing Hands

Wild R Farm
Books 1 – 4

Wild R Farm #4
Taming Tristan

Wild R Farm #3
Embracing Need

Wild R Farm #2
Arresting Love

Wild R Farm #1
Finding Release

Pisgah Mountain Wolves #2
Pressure Points

Pisgah Mountain Wolves #1
Denying Yourself

Wolf Caller (M/M/F)

Wet #2
Reef’s Guardian

Rush Around the Clock

Needing a Little Christmas

Holly Jolly

One Kiss

Unexpected #2
Unexpected Trust

Unexpected #1
Unexpected Rescue

The Astronomers #2
Meteor Strike

A Day at the Office (M/M/F)

Open to the Past

The Forestry Series
2 Book Collection

The Forestry Series #2
Their Natural Habitat

The Forestry Series #1
His True Nature

Accounting for the Hero

Say Yes



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