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taylor lawTaylor Law is a northern born, southern girl, with a free spirit. Taylor has lived in the southern United States most of her life, along with her huge family. She started writing at a very young age; her first poem at six, her first song at seven, and stories followed directly after. She hasn’t stopped since.

She started with Barbie worlds that took over her room for days on end, standing on the kitchen table and singing randomness that eventually turned into songs, and making up endings to her favorite stories. It was no surprise to anyone when she started writing them all down. It was a surprise, however, when she turned to writing LGBTQ romance and fiction. Now, some of her family regularly read her books and ask for more.

Taylor has a Paralegal degree, but she also went to college for Music, Theatrical Arts, and Criminal Justice. She loves to learn new things. She also enjoys history, an eclectic array of music, puzzles, her friends and family, and laughing. Taylor would much rather read than watch television any day.

A romantic clear to her soul, Taylor continues to believe the elusive ‘Happily Ever After.’ She lives in Florida where it’s rains regularly – yes, the sunshine state is a myth. On any given day, you can usually catch her with a book in her hand, or creating something.

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Heaven on Earth #1
My Lord’s Judgement
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