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Ronnie 08-11-2016 at 8:44 PM

Hello my name is Aaron Hawkins (My pseudonym is Ronnie Ron) and Im a LGBT writer with a novella called Fruity Jackson. Its about a cocky gay pimp named Fruity Jackson who owns a gay strip club in Las Vegas which is looked down upon by some city leader, one that despises it the most is Councilman Vinny Nixon, who is very homophobic and hates Fruity, but what Vinny doesnt know is that his own son, Deven, is secretly gay and attends Fruity’s Club. When Vinny bothers Fruity, Fruity decided to plant a sex tape using Deven and one of his male sex workers. When the sextape leaks Deven is shocked and commits suicide, and Vinny blames Fruity and tries mercilessly to get his revenge. Meanwhile Detective Jontavian must solve the mystery of Devens suicide as well as Vinnys secrets, all while trying to keep his relationship with his gay boyfriend, Shawn, afloat as Shawn sacrifices a lot to support Jon.

Robert Gerdes 11-16-2015 at 3:50 PM


You recently did a review of my book “Winter Kept Us Warm” (July or August).

Please add this review to my sites for WKUW on Amazon and Goodreads.

Thanks very much for your review and interest. I appreciate your work!

Robert Gerdes


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