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IMG_20141130_080148475_HDRHi all. I’m B.L. Mathis and I am an vicious consumer of books. Because of my life as a mild mannered Rancher in Texas, I love the escapes books offer. Also I am a published author of a number of articles dealing with a number of different topics dealing with ranching. I am a sucker for a good old-fashioned love story, regardless of species or which world they are from.

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Here are my Reviews:

Soulless by T. Baggins

Velocity (Flight HA1710 #2) by Sara York

Native Tongue by Lucy Felthouse

The Courage to Heal by Hunter Frost

In Sickness and In Health (Terminal #1) by Jason Nichols


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Ann Oleyniczak 08-03-2015 at 7:18 PM

I love you my friend


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