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I’m an artist who gave into his inner need to write, and who now produces books that can be in-your-face with their attitudes. I was born in San Diego but have lived all over the place — Los Angeles, Reno, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Kansas City, Honolulu, Buffalo, New York, London, and even Grand Forks, North Dakota. I write screenplays nobody wants as well as books, plays and short stories. Four of my books were published by Nazca Plains Press and have been republished by me; another was published by Star Books Press; and I am about ti finish up my latest book — a murder mystery set in Palm Springs.

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Here are the Titles and the Links to all of my Reviews

The Truth About the Liar (Shadow Play #4) by Helena Maeve

Claimed by the Order (S-Gods #1) by J. Johanis

Made By The Vampire by P.J. Nevada

Devil’s Jawbone by BJ Sheppard