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tidalI am Tidal Ashburn. I am an avid reader. The frist book I read was 79 Park Ave. I was 13, It was scandalous. My life was forever changed, then I read Valley of the Dolls there was no turning back.My nose is always in a book. I love all sorts of book; particularly books about fractured people, I like to see what makes people tick. I have lived in San Francisco and New Orleans. I love Southern cooking, and Southern Tragic Books and Plays.

As much as I love to read I also love to write as well, after several published magazine articles I am now polishing up my first novel. I am a Pagan, Tarot Reader, and a Home Healthcare Worker. I am happily married my husband whom I married last year; We have been together 14 years and married in 2014 when Wisconsin made it legal.

Here is a Listing of all of my Reviews for GGR.

Behavior Problem (Outlaw MC Book 3) by James Cox

Happy Endings Sleepover by Cade Jay Hathaway

Creature Comfort by Rob Rosen

Dear Alex by Clare London

Small Claims by Ethan Stone

Soulmate for SIN by Izzy Van Swelm


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